Friday, December 19, 2014

Girl Stout Cookie - Samoa

A few weeks back I read about a brewery in San Francisco that brewed several beers inspired by girl scout cookies for SFBW. My wife and I love Samoas, and so the idea was born to brew my own cookie-inspired beer.

After settling on the general profile and base style of the beer, a recipe quickly came together for a lightly hopped oatmeal stout, with generous amounts of chocolate and crystal malts, to which lactose, caramelized sugar, toasted coconut, cocoa nibs/powder, and vanilla beans would be added for the quintessential flavors of a Samoa cookie.

The lactose and cocoa powder were added with about 10 minutes left in the boil, while the coconut, nibs, and vanilla beans will be added to secondary.

Enjoy some more photos from the brew day - and the recipe - after the break.

PS: Thanks to NOLA Brewing for such a clever name - I had to use it!

Mashing in.

Vorlauf and sparge.


Halfway through the boil.

Into the carboy.

Tons of break material.


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