Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Double IPA update


Tuesday afternoon I was able to rack my double IPA to secondary for the second round of dryhopping. After spending 11 days on some Cascade and HBC342, it was time to add the second dryhop addition.
While racking I took a gravity sample to make sure everything was progressing. The expected FG was to be 1.010, and to my surprise, the hydrometer read 1.008! That puts this DIPA at ~9.5%. I drank most of the hydrometer tube sample, and I wouldn't have been able to guess it was that high. Oter than that, the taste was excellent, with a really smooth bitterness. With another 3 ounce of dryhops, I can only imagine how great this is going to smell.
I'll transfer this beer to a keg after 10 more days of dryhopping. I'm contemplating a third dryhopping in the keg, but I don't think this beer will be on tap long enough for it to matter - it's delicious!
Here are a couple more photos:
Transferring to secondary.
1.007 (1.008 temp corrected). Wow!

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