Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Batch 10: Honey Wheatwine

With Monday being a holiday, I used the time off to brew another batch of beer. For my tenth batch of beer I thought that I would do something extra-special and brew a beer that I could cellar for a year or two. After really enjoying The Bruery's White Oak and various other wheat wines (such as Terrapin's Gamma Ray, which my recipe is loosely inspired by) I decided I would make one of those.

At the same time, my cousin is turning 30 this year and I figured I would honor the occasion with a beer. My cousin is a big fan of Tequila, so I figured I would incorporate it into the recipe somehow. What I ended up with was a roughly 9% wheat wine with honey and tequila-soaked oak cubes in secondary.

I picked up my ingredients on Saturday since I knew the LHBS would be closed on Monday, so I went ahead and put it aside and went on vacation. When Monday finally came I got all my equipment ready and set to brewing. I was also busy making breakfast for everyone so I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do. The brew day went well, but I was about 7 points under my target efficiency (I need to figure out what's going on since moving to Reno). I pitched a combination of wine and ale yeasts to accentuate the dryness I'm going for, but also balanced it with a judicious amount of honey malt to stand up to the oak and adjuncts I am using.

I pitched both yeast packets at 70°F and within 4 hours I had airlock activity. I will post the recipe later on when I transfer to secondary.

The hops. I used all cascade in this brew.
After mashing, almost to a boil.
15 minutes left in the boil. I had a boilover early on.
1.071 (1.072 temp corrected). Target was 1.078 so I'm a bit short. It will still end up over 9% with the honey so I'm not too bummed out.

Blow off. The combined yeast are going gangbusters.

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