Sunday, February 26, 2012

TOPSECRET Brewday: Batch Eleven

I brewed up my eleventh overall all-grain batch, and my second collaboration beer, yesterday morning.

A little history behind this collaboration: late last year, both my friend Rick and myself ended up getting job offers in Reno. We were both living in Southern California at the time, and found it amusing that we were both moving to the same place.

In December, the homebrew club we used to belong to announced that they were holding a collaborative homebrew contest, where you could brew any style beer you wanted, as long as it was brewed as a collaboration.

Rick and I decided we would enter, and almost right away we knew what kind of beer we wanted to brew. We both like big, dark beers, and both of us had recently brewed stouts, so we knew we wanted to brew a porter of some kind.

I will post the recipe and more information on the beer later, but until me and Rick win the competition it's classified.

Some pictures from the brewday:

The 'hop spider'.

Rick's Darth Stove.
Drinking some inspiration beer.